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Den Artikel fadecase Karambit Flaschenöffner - New CSGO Counter Strike Global Offensive Bottle Opener (Tiger Tooth) von finden Sie zum Preis von 23,00 EUR auf den Seiten von amazon.

Karambit Bottle Opener
Just spin and then pop your bottles open with FadeCase unique Karambit Bottle Opener.

It’s just as strong and durable as real combat karambit! The Karambit Bottle Opener is a must have at any gathering or party, it’s also a perfect gift.

Our opener have been inspired from the ”Blade”-opener popularized at clubs and bars around the globe by skilled bartenders.

The best idea for gift for every ocassion.

Weight: 215 g
Dimensions: 22 x 3 x 9 cm
Handle Material: ABS fiberglass
Name Tag Material: Stainless steel
Total Length: 15.5 cm - 6.1 “
Finish: Matt